Stressed? The AdrinaRose Media team has done your dirty work, girl. We’ve compiled a winter checklist of all your must-do’s this szn.

Get that cute NYE dress early

If you’re like my last-minute self, you’ll probably wait until the eve of NYE to find a bomb lil black dress… DON’T. The earlier you shop, the more options you’ll have. We both know you want to be the baddest babe at the ball!!!

Get cozy

The holidays are stressful—trust me, we get it. Gift buying is only half of the headache. Give yourself a breather and drink a peppermint mocha latte whilst kickin’ it with your gal pals!


Watch holiday movies

Nothing says getting into the spirit like watching ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, The Holiday, or Santa Buddies on Netflix. Oh and Frozen is very necessary, just saying!


Bake bake bake

Make those gingerbread cookies and snowman cake pops! If films don’t get you into the excitement of winter, food most def will! Oh and send some our way… we can’t turn down a good cookie!


Take a trip to the ice rink

LET IT GOOOO, LET IT GO as you skate away your problems (more specifically final grades hahaha crying)


Decorating contest

Turn driving around your neighborhood into an event! Rate peoples’ house decorations with your buds. OR, better yet, decorate your own wreaths and trees with a little bit of a twist– put your favorite celeb as a tree topper (Kanye West… please.)



You’re definitely DYING for a new bag or some cute booties, but consider changing it up this year—instead of asking for money or gifts, ask your fam to donate to a charity under your name!



Pretty self-explanatory.


*Alexa Balint

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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