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Men’s Fashion Week has moved to Paris, but Louis Vuitton managed to bring all of Paris to Africa.

From today’s #LouisVuitton #LVMenSS17 Show by Men’s Artistic Director @mrkimjones. Watch the show now on louisvuitton.com

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Designer Kim Jones paid homage to his inaugural show with the brand in their latest menswear collection, both shows featuring African-inspired designs. The heat definitely gave the audience the full experience, including celebrity guests David Beckham and Kate Moss. Although it’s a wonder why those two weren’t walking the runway themselves.

The show began with an 18th century explorer-inspired look (think Tarzan), and slowly blended into the wildlife of the Savannah. Zebra-striped loafers and classically-tailored plaid pants strode up and down the courtyard inside the Palais Royal. The trending button-down t-shirt made an appearance adding a light humor to the show with it’s quirky giraffe design.

“There’s always something a little London hidden somewhere, though. This time, it is the influence of Punk,” said the designer on Louis Vuitton’s Instagram. The punk influence is seen through the clean-cut leather bags and the studded jewelry worn by the models. Every accessory and slicked-back piece of hair was carefully thought out by the designer in order to bring the collection full circle with the theme.

The hand crafts of Africa link to French savoir-faire for the #LouisVuitton #LVMenSS17 collection by @mrkimjones Photo by M.Dortomb A photo posted by Louis Vuitton Official (@louisvuitton) on

The only thing better than a well thought-out fashion show is a fashion show with a purpose. Louis Vuitton began featuring a silver Lockit pendant and bracelet back in January with a goal of donating all proceeds from its sales to the AIDS epidemic in South Africa. That jewelry was featured in yesterday’s collection, continuing their collaboration with UNICEF.

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