Alright #FTcrew, it is no secret that we are obsessed with everything beauty and everything Kardashian. So today we are taking a closer look into one of our fav beauty lines, the Kylie Lip Kit. All of Kylie’s colors are named after something or someone meaningful to her. As revealed on her app, the young reality star’s favorite number is 22, hence the name of her bright, bold, and beautiful lip kit color, 22.

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This is a very unique color compared to the rest in the line. In her app, she mentioned that 22 is not a color you see everyday. Duh, we all know Nude is everything right now. : ) But it is definitely a universal color and looks amazing on so many different skin tones. This shade seriously is so perfect for every occasion, pool parties, work meetings, dinner with the dam, or even for a night out on the town.

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Kylie mentioned that she loves the number 22 because the number 2 represents divine life purpose and soul mission. She revealed that when she created this color, she was really into orange, but she wasn’t always going to name it 22, she was actually going to name it after her big sis Kourtney. Buttt as we all know that didn’t happen. Kylie said when she first tried on the color she had no other makeup on and kept it on all day because she loved it so much. Who doesn’t like a bright orange color paired with dope sunglasses for the summer?!

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