*Tarte Cosmetics Sends Empowering Anti Bullying Message*


Tarte Cosmetics has taken it upon themselves to spread an empowering message about the effects of Cyberbullying. DoSomething.org says that about 3.2 million children are affected and are victims of cyberbullying each year, which is why Tarte has also teamed up with ByStander Revolution, a company determined to fix the bullying issue kids face daily. This scary statistic got Tarte and ByStander Revolution thinking that it was time to create a campaign in which this issue is addressed ASAP!

The new #KissAndMakeup Campaign is encouraging the supporters of this cause to take a picture with a kiss splotch on the back of their hands and post it to Instagram along with a positive message encouraging others to do the same. Use the hashtags #KissAndMakeup and #AntiBullying in your caption, tag @tartecosmetics and @bystanderrevolution and post for all your friends to see!

So stand up, stand strong and  so we can all stand together for this beautiful cause!

* Isabella Wadhwani

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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