We are officially in the last month of summer #boo! Buttt what better way to close summer ’16  than by reading our summer essentials list to make these last summer moments unforgettable! We have collected our coolest most Instagram worthy items and destinations that will for sure make your memories this summer amazing!

Floppy hats

These hats can take any outfit up 5 notches. Plus who doesn’t love fashion with a purpose, porter your face from those harsh sun rays in style.  floppy-hat-in

Travel destination – Holbox Island, Mexico

Make sure to get on this new private destination before this virgin beach gets more exposure! The upside? You can say you went before it got popular ! Talk about trendsetter.


Who said these huge inflatables were just for kids?  You’ve seen these all over social media, Coachella pool parties, and of course Taylor swifts Backyard pool. So let’s just put it this way, a giant pool floaty is definitely a summer essential! floarty-in

Phone case

God knows we would die if our phones accidentally got wet, but being at the beach or pool while taking selfies is inevitable. So, better to be safe than sorry right? waterproof

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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