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The Country Coachella has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up finding the right southern hospitality look! Below is a list of all the must-haves when you go to a country concert, whether it be next year’s Stage Coach, a country concert this summer, or if you just want that sweet southern style!

1. Cowboy Boots: These are kind of essential, plus they don’t hurt your feet like standing in heels will all day.

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2. Overalls (Shorts kind!): Pair the classy denim with the boots and a lace crop top & you will be ready to shake it for Luke! 3. Cowboy Hat: The hot weather gets a little difficult to handle, but the hat takes care of that! Plus, it will compliment the rest of that sexy, southern outfit!

@kisssmyboot holdin’ on to her brand new Gus hat #itsastetson

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4. Flannel: High-waist jean shorts with a white tank top, paired with a flannel tied around your waist…looks like you are Day 2 ready!

5. Lace Dress: Day 3 is here and you can dress this lacey look up or down. Throw your hair up, put the lip gloss on, and go kick the dust up!

We can’t wait to see the lineup for next year’s Stagecoach, but at least we all know the essentials to achieve that southern charm. All that’s left for y’all is a sweet tea in hand and to let your dancing feet take control!

* Isabella Wadhwani

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