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FIDM Museum

March 19, 2015

This week I decided to take a trip to the FIDM Museum in Downtown LA… well because it was filled with all the costumes from this...

FT e9-Krown

March 15, 2015

On this episode of Fashion Talk: Get an inside look at the headpiece & headband company Krown with founder, CEO, & Designer Kaylen Morrison!...

Beauty Done Right

March 12, 2015

When it comes to makeup and beauty there are so many products, it’s hard to know what to choose and what will work for you! Well, don’t you worry my......

Rich Bitches Only

March 3, 2015

Sunday March 1st 2015 It was a day filled with tea, champagne, cake, and mini scones. It was a day filled with fabulous Rich Bitches, Birkins,...

FT e7- Oscar Special

March 1, 2015

Yes, the Oscars were last Sunday, but there is just too much to talk about! I’m giving you everything you want to know including all the...

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