Louis Vuitton Series 2

I talked about it Sunday on Fashion Talk, and today I am giving you all the deets on the Louis Vuitton Series 2 Exhibit. Where do I even begin?!?! Oh yeah, how about the fact that Nicolas Ghesquière is an artistic genius and one of, if not, the most artistic person in the Fashion Industry! He thinks 360 degrees, he does not only think in regards of clothes, but fashion in every realm, and the exhibit was completely synonyms with that…. Can you tell I am obsessed?
lv exhibit

When you walk in. it’s very dark, you get a little thrown off, but the first thing you see is this…
LV red logo

Then comes the model room, and you are surrounded by giant model faces talking to you…
model faces

After that is perhaps one of my favorites, another dark room lit by a moving hologram showing the past, present, and future of the iconic Louis Vuitton Trunk, and to top it all off… Beyoncé & Skream are playing!
gram 2

Next is the white room, I don’t know if I was blinded by the bright white walls, or blinded by the AMAZING LV covered bags. Whatever it was, it felt like heaven!

After the white room, comes the backstage area, whereee I pretty much felt like I was transported backstage to the Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear show… and let me tell you I never wanted to leave!
backstage LV

Next is a maze like room filled with mirrors projecting the runway show, it was beyond! First you’re backstage, then it’s like you have the best seat in the house watching the show!

Lastly, was a room covered with the latest Louis Vuitton campaigns… I’m telling you the walls, the ceiling, it was all wrapped in LV!

On your way out you get a Series 2 poster, and a few LV stickers, I chose the lipstick and the matches!
Basically… I am obsessed!

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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