Don’t roll your eyes just yet. We know the whole choker fad has come and gone 100 times over, but the 90s are back! In order to ensure you are on your fashion a-game, we have all the tips and tricks on how to wear chokers. Trust us when we say you will know how to rock a choker like all your fav celebs after you read this.

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Chokers are simple, sexy, and can take any outfit from not to totally hot in a matter of seconds. Now, it’s time to stop scrolling through Instagram envious of the Gigi Hadid’s of the world, and start working on your own fashion. We can’t all have Monica Rose as our stylist, but hey, we can definitely dress like we do!

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Now when it comes to accessories, Iris Afpel once said some pretty wise words that I like to live by.


#Yesss! If you’re asking yourself what are the rules on how to wear a choker? Well, when it comes to this fashionable accessory there are on rules! Stack them up, layer them, mix + match, and go crazy. Fashion is meant to be fun!

Now, I have done all the research and pulled together some of my absolute favorite chokers on the market. From dainty and simple velvet ribbons, to bold and chunky chains get ready to shop your hearts out!

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