Don’t Go #GirlBoss!

Major News: The #GirlBoss has stepped down as CEO of Nasty Gal! I think it’s safe to say I am a little bit shocked! Sure, Nasty Gal has slowed down a little, but Sophia Amoruso hasn’t! She was/is at the peak of her career with her widely raved about book, her first store front opening in LA, and now she steps down… WHAT!?!? After 8 years of serving as boss, Sophia has handed over the title to Nasty Gal president Sheree Waterson.

While this news is shocking and a bit sad, once I calmed down I realized it’s also really exciting! Sophia isn’t going anywhere in fact she is still going to be extremely involved in Nasty Gal serving as executive chairman and overseeing the creative and marketing teams. Andddd SURPRISE a second store is opening this March in Santa Monica and Sophia says there may even be another book on the way!

To announce and maybe help ease fans and shoppers into this little change Sophia thankfully created a video explaining.

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