Galliano is Back

He was the man behind a few seasons at Givenchy, the man behind many seasons at Dior, the man “exiled” for 4 years from the fashion industry, and now he is the man behind Maison Martin Margiela’s Spring 2015 Couture collection.

The room was filled with some of fashion’s greatest as John Galliano made his debut back into the fashion world with a collection from Maison Martin Margiela. While Marigela is from France, this show took place in Galliano’s home, London.

Let me give you a little history… Martin Margiela has been the only designer for Maison Martin Margiela, however there have always been rumors that he wanted to hand the house over. Raf Simons (currently at Christian Dior) turned down the offer, along with Haider Ackermann, so when the OTB announced, “Martin has not been there for a long time. He is here but not here. We have a new fresh design team on board. We are focusing on young, realistic energy for the future; this is really Margiela for the year 2015.” – Renzo Rosso, it was no surprise. Sooo the fact that someone else has officially taken over is kind of a big deal and the fact that that person is John Galliano is a HUGE deal!

Back to today… Galliano’s first collection is a bit eccentric, all the detailing is amazing, but I couldn’t help but feel like there was a face staring back at me on some of his pieces.
All faces aside though, the mix of lush fabrics, decadent jewels, and somehow structureless structure is beyond what I could of imagined. It was a mix of old Margiela and new Galliano, creating the perfect blend of edge and grace, soft and hard. I am so incredibly happy for John Galliano and the Margiela house, this just feels like a very good match.

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