Fendi’s artistic director, Karl Lagerfeld, just proved that when in Rome, anything is possible.

Fendi presented its Fall 2016 collection and celebrated their 90th anniversary this past week. With Karl and Silvia Venturini Fendi in charge of the event, we expected no less than awe-inspiring. And boy, did he deliver!

… And they lived happily ever after. #Fendi90Years #LegendsandFairytales

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Fendi Fall 2016 – Who

A-list guests arrived via private jets. Provided by Fendi of course the planes delivered show-goers straight from the couture shows in Paris to the design house’s HQ in Rome. The show was located at the historical Trevi Fountain in the center of Rome. A glass runway skimmed the surface of its water, creating surreal landscape. Only top models were cast in the show and the collection proved to be just as enchanting as the ladies wearing it. Kendall Jenner began the show, seemingly floating across the water in a grey-toned midnight blue astrakhan coat and a full skirt that created an illusion of a rippling reflection. Paired with a petite bag and bright red embellished booties, Kendall looked every part of a princess.  To say she matched the show’s theme of Legends and Fairy Tales perfectly would be an understatement. 

Fendi Fall 2016 -What

Each piece following in the collection continued the story, displaying pieces that seemed as European-inspired as Karl’s fairytale muse. Delicate pastel-dyed fabrics and towering empire waists elegantly made their way through the runway, granting every child’s wish of bringing the fairy tales they grew up with to life. An array of fabrics graced the catwalk, from a combination of crochet and tulle, to the use of a variety of fur paired with lace. Every model wore their hair in ringlet curls tied half-up with a bow, accompanied by a sharp cat eye creating the perfect contrast.

Finally, the collection’s last piece was presented by Bella Hadid. Dressed in an intricate mosaic dress adorned with a green cloak embellished with illustrations almost straight out of a book. The show took the concept of storytelling to the next level in haute couture designs.

Closing Fendi Haute Couture Trevi Fountain

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Karl Lagerfeld you have once again left us in awe. The Fendi Fall 2016 show is one that will be remembered forever.

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