Let’s face it with the colder weather brewing, it’s the best to avoid those brisk temps. Instead of getting bundled up in unnecessary layers, treat yourself to the cozy night in you really deserve. We have been busy putting together all the essentials you need to really embrace this sweater weather. So take notes #FTcrew because here is your guide to the perfect cozy night it.


First, heat up some chocolate, milk, white, or dark, and make some chocolate covered strawberries. Also, our personal favorite for this time of year are the Ghirardelli peppermint bark sqaures! It’s like you’re biting into the holidays  #guiltypleasure fall-night-in-in-choc


Get yourself a nice  book and get your mind to stop wandering. Whether a mystery, comedy, romance, or autobiography – any book will allow you to get your mind off of your daily worries and just dive into a story. If you’re looking for one to really get the water works going then you need to check out The Art of Racing in the Rain.fall-night-in-in

Face Masks

Now that we have something to rejuvenate your mind, let’s get something to rejuvenate your skin. The Peter Roth Pumpkin Enzyme Mask is without a doubt perfect for the season.fall-night-in-in-mask


We all want to feel calm on nights in, and getting candles are the way to do it. Diptyque’s seasonal mix is definitely the chicest way to go!



Finally, bring your tasty treats, book, candles, and masked self to the bath so you can indulge while getting cozy in the bubbles. Get ready to feel the real magic of the season with Philosophy’s shimmery snowlace bubble bath.fall-night-in-bath

*Lauren Firks

*All images from approved social or stock accounts.

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